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Invest in Wind Energy with INNOWIND

SISTEMA EÓLICO MORCILLO S.L. has announced its share issue, allowing you to take benefit of the early adopter of this project.

How can I be part of this project?

Very simple. The Issue is € 500,000 of shares at €2 each; €1 is the nominal value of the shares and €1 is a premium to benefit from patent rights. Patent benefits are reflected in a contract in which inventor Ricardo Morcillo Molina cedes to the ‘Morcillo Wind System’ company, 50% of the international patent benefits (currently 55 countries) and 10% of national patent benefits.

When is the deadline for share applications?

The deadline to get your shares ends on December 31, 2018 or when the total requested capital is reached. If you are interested in investing in renewable energies, stay tuned for this web page to inform you of upcoming news.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum capital to enter as a partner is € 5,000, which equates to 2,500 shares. Currently, we have already reserved € 300,000 of the required € 500,000, subtracting € 200,000 to finalize the expansion.

  • Reserved funds 300,000€ out of 500,000€ 60% 60%

What benefits could you get through patent rights?

Investment returns will depend on the number and size of installation built in Spain or in the Rest of the World where the patent is protected.
For example, for a 100MW wind farm in Spain; Inventor Ricardo Morcillo cedes 10% of all revenues derived from the sale of wind turbines in Spain to the Company.  Broadly, 100% of the patent right corresponds to a year of electricity production.

Assumption for 100MW Wind Farm in Spain

An assumption is made that Spain averages 2000 hours of wind annually and that an average price of KW / hr of production (POOL price) is 0.05 € / KW / hr:
100MW = 100,000 KW
100,000 KW x 2000h x 0.05€ / KW / h = €10M
In a 100 MW park, €10M per year would be generated in Spain, but subject to Electricity Production Tax (at 7% = €700K) leaving €9.£M.
Of the €9.3M, the inventor would pass 10% to the Company, a total of €930K.
For projected total shares issued of 806,000, a holder of 10,000 shares would receive € 11,538 if the Company distributed the entire benefit among the partners.

100MW Wind Farm outside Spain

For countries outside Spain in which the patent is protected, the inventor assigns 50% of the patent right to the Company. Assuming similar factors for tax, generating hours and price of KW / Hrs, annual production income remains at €9.3M but 50% is passed to the company; €4.65M. In this case, holders of 10K shares would receive €57,692 if the Company distributed all profits to shareholders.

Clearly, on the illustration of only a single farm in Spain and another abroad, returns are expected to be high and increasing as the system becomes established across the world.
Add in benefits that might accrue from the direct sale of wind turbines, as well as the sale of income from electricity generated from the parks that the Company decides to install for itself, starting with the Wind Farm of the Sierra de Ascoy.
Do not wait any longer and acquire NOW your actions to guarantee your future and to be able to tell to everybody that you are green and you live of the air.

Where can I get more information?

For more information, consult our Dossier Informativo or contact us and we seek to help where we can.

Dossier Informativo (in Spanish)


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