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WIND POWER, smaller, safer, better


What is wind power?

Wind power is drawn from energy that is in the wind. The kinetic energy contained in moving air currents can be turned into a rotational force that in turn, can be turned in electricity.

Why choose Wind Power from INNOWIND?

Our design captures the wind energy using blades mounted on a vertical-axis turbine on two supports. We install as many blades as are necessary to produce the electrical energy that we want, whereas a conventional windmill, can only install 3 blades. That way we get the production power needed in virtually any location.
The INNOWIND project has been awarded the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence for its Horizon 2020 Program of Research and Innovation; in particular, for its innovative horizontal-axis power generator, which offers low maintenance and low environmental impact, even in light winds and small installation areas. In addition, the European Commission has granted the First Phase of the Horizon 2020 Program Grant. (read more).

Feasibility assessment (phase 1) Granted!

The outcome of a phase 1 project is a feasibility study (technical and commercial), including a business plan. Actually we are applying for the phase 2 as we have a greatly innovative product, process or service that is ready to conquer the market and we are developing the business innovation plan incorporating a detailed commercialisation strategy and a financing plan in view of market launch (e.g. on how to attract private investors, if applicable). Phase 2 is funded in the indicative range of €500,000 – € 2.5 million or more (covering up to 70% of eligible costs). Read more about the Horizon 2020 Work Programe 2018-2020  


Silver medal at the iENA fair in Nuremberg (Germany). China Inventors Club Gold Medal. Poland Inventors Club medal. Diploma by the Union of Inventors of Morocco. Grand Prize of the European Association of inventors AEI. Premio Eureka innovación 2016 (jurado Innova) Premio Eureka innovación 2016 (publico Innova)

Key Benefits over Three Blade Conventional Systems

Lower RPM and a smaller footprint than than conventional wind turbines, means a smaller secure perimeter reducing risk to both animals and the public; you can farm, work, or walk outside the perimeter of the wind turbine without risk.
Any loose article is safely caught in the pyramidal base structure.
2nd NEW PRODUCTION MODEL Individuals, companies, power generating firms, municipalities, and governments can all buy into the INNOWIND system at POOL price or with agreed excess. Savings are multiplied as the INNOWIND system design needs much lower transportation, installation, maintenance and construction costs. 3rd ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT
Low height means discrete installation with no loss of performance.
Installations are virtually silent at 20 meters.
Bird migration is unaffected too migration owing again to the low height and low turbine RPM.
The system can be installed almost anywhere, in and our of town, up hills and in valleys.

Surface and Height

A INNOWIND wind turbine, driving a 1 MW generator, need a safety footprint of only 1,000m2; a conventional wind turbine of the same power would need 90,000m2. Similarly, the minimal height of the INNOWIND system is another clear advantage, since a conventional wind turbine is about 100 m high; the RM400 has a height of only 20m.
  • Conventional Wind Generator height – 100 m
  • INNOWIND height – 20 m


Conventional wind turbines register is more than 100 dB at 1 meter (as loud as a mile high Boeing 707) and still 50 dB at 100 meters (as loud as people talking). In contrast, the noise produced by the wind turbine Morcillo is 23 dB at 1 meter (equivalent to the noise level of rustling leaves) and from 0 dB to 100 meters. This means that you can install a Morcillo wind turbine near your home and you will not have to worry about the noise it produces.
We, for example, have the 300KW prototype installed and running within 50 meters of a residential home and we do not hear anything.

Conventional wind turbine noise at 100m (dB)

INNOWIND noise at 100m (dB)

Urban Areas

The INNOWIND system can be installed in urban areas since, because of its height, special permits are generally unnecessary Therefore, this wind turbine can be installed in cities, industrial parks and even in homes. Power can be installed up to 1 MW, so if a company decides to install a wind turbine on their land or industrial site, could install a 100KW wind turbine to self-supply and sell the rest of energy that it does not use.


There are many advantages of installing a new generation wind turbine from Ricardo Morcillo. Among all the advantages, we can highlight the following:
  • Average height of 20 meters.*
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Reduced installation area
  • Installable in almost any environment, including urban areas
  • No visual or acoustic problems
  • Reduced environmental impact, not affecting bird migrations
  • Does not require environmental permission for installation
  • You do not need special cranes for construction
  • Materials easy to transport and install.
  • Estimated life of 50 years (compared to 20 of a conventional wind turbine)
  • Simple recycling of materials after their estimated life, as they are mainly steel
* (Height may slightly vary on each project, as it requires a preliminary study that will analyze the place of installation)

Check the Information Dossier (in Spanish only)

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